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Career Counselling Introduction

Career counselling forms an integral component in every ones life as the number of courses are growing day by day and the path to be chosen is becoming a very difficult and challenging  task for students and hence there is a need for a 
counselor to guide them through .This is where ssquare educon comes into play
At s-square educon one finds a very knowledgeable mentor who understands students need and channels them in a way such that they become competent to choose their later part of the career.
S-Square Educon not only guides you how to attack a situation by which you always have the courage and strength to choose whether to take a well-trodden path or to take a well-hidden.
The educational spectrum is crowed with umpteen courses in every conceivable field mostly job oriented.Choosing right course for the childeren is a Herculean task for parents. Recent past hundreds of new courses with different combinations have been introduced, new avenues like fashion, Bio informatics, Hospitality Management,
Event Management, Journalism and mass commnunication are more in
demand. Courses like counseling, teaching will be in fore front for self employement.
The common questions that bother the present generation parents who has class x passed children.
1. What next
2. Who is the right person to guide?
3. Which is the accurate stream for my child?
4. Which college provides the quality career?
5. How to identify my childs caliber?
The right place to get threse quires answered in ssqaure educon, the one and only educational consultants in Andhra Pradesh.
The Economic structure of the world is fast changing and new courses are created every day. Revolution in Information Technology has opened opportunites in Medicine, Computers, Engineering, Telecommunication etc. New vision like Advetisement, Fashion Technology, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism, whre increased self employment. Advanced subjects in psychology. Bio-informatics, Entertainment are the up coming avenues. Therefore chooosing the right course that suits your ability and aptitude is a meticulous task and proper planning.

  + Introduction
  + Career Planning
  + Resource Persons
  + Career Options
  + What after SSC / Inter?
        - Courses
        - Courses offered by ITI
        - Diploma in ENGINEERING
        - Self Employment Courses
        - Paramedical Courses
        - Courses for Bi.P.C. Students
        - Courses for M.P.C. Students
        - Courses for MPC/ BiPC Students
  + What after Degree/B.Tech?
        - Courses for Degree Students
        - Courses for B.Tech Students
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